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Further catalogues

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Strictly speaking, the first catalogues of the library were shelf list catalogues with the titles: "Series thecarum" or "Inventarium librorum, qui in Bibliotheca Illustris Collegii Reformatorum Debrecinensis exstant, secundum ordinem thecarum veterum".

The first alphabetical register was the work of Péter Jánki, made in 1738. A similar 6-volume-edition catalogue was carried out / compiled by Ézsaiás Budai in 1797. The first paper slip catalogue dates back to the 1870’s.

Our mixed alphabetical card catalogue was last updated in 2005. Since 1993, an online public access catalogue has been being built, which contains 70.000 records of the card catalogue and records of new acquisitions, that totally amount 190.000 records.

There are a number of printed subject catalogues and a manuscript catalogue with entries prior to 1850.  E. g.



  • [Health Science] A Debreceni Református Kollégium Nagykönyvtárának katalógusa. Orvostudomány. Szerkesztette Módis László. Debrecen, 1972. 237 p.

  • [Geography] A Debreceni Református Kollégium Nagykönyvtárának katalógusa. Földrajz. Szerkesztette Barcza Józsefné, Szathmáry Sándorné. Debrecen, 1986. 70 p.

  • [Manuscripts] Fekete Csaba - Szabó Botond. A Tiszántúli Református Egyházkerület Nagykönyvtárának (Debrecen) kéziratkatalógusa. Bp. OSZK, 1979. 310 p.

The early printed books of Hungary, serials and the Bible collection all have their distinct catalogue.

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