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Who Are We?

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General Information

The official name of the institution: The College Library of the Transtibiscan Church District and Library of Theology

Address: 4026 Debrecen, Kálvin tér 16.

E-mail: thecaatsilver [dot] drk [dot] hu

Director: Lajos Bereczki

Telephone: +36-52-614-380



Owner: The Transtibiscan Church District of the Reformed Church, Supervisor: National Council of Reformed Libraries, Museums and Archives

Objectives: The library’s main goal is to provide library service for the Debrecen Reformed Theological University and other institutions of the Church District in achieving their educational aims and to form a background for lifelong learning of all Transtibiscan church ministers. As a public research library it has strong connections with the Debrecen University and as such it serves researchers and inhabitants of the city and region, too.  

Selection Criteria for Collection Development: theology and adjacent subjects, arts and humanities, social sciences, local history, history of science.   

Library management system: In 1993 our Library was connected to the network of the Debrecen University and accordingly it became user of the Corvina ILS.

In our database one can also find the records of the 70.000 volumes large, nonpublic theological library collection of the Debrecen Reformed Theological University.  

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